About Us


Jenni Graff, MBA

Managing Partner/ Founder

Originally a Midwesterner, Jenni fought hard to get to Montana, and once she got here, she swore she’d never leave.

She built a career in sales and marketing roles for some of the largest and most innovative employers in the region. Working in business recruitment for the local economic development authority, she recognized the growing number of local businesses who need to proactively recruit for professionals, but don’t often have time or strategy to cultivate the most passionate people and often end up making rushed, reactive hires. In this same role, she collected resumes of highly-skilled professionals who wanted to live in the mountains, but couldn’t find the right position to justify their move. That’s when she decided to start a business to build the bridge between highly passionate professionals who want to build successful careers in the Northern Rockies and the exciting, high-growth companies that flourish here.

Jenni is active and well-networked in the business community. She serves on the board of the Montana Ambassadors and the Business Advisory Council to the University of Montana College of Business. She is a passionate advocate for building the Montana economy and for recruiting and retaining talented professionals to the Northern Rockies.

Jenni holds undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Communications and an MBA from the University of Montana. She is an active skier, angler, trail runner, bike commuter, traveler and puppy-lover who loves to share her deep love for her home in the Rockies.