Service Offerings to Grow Your Company

Silvergate leverages analytics and authentic relationships to successfully match senior professionals to your company.

Growing businesses need to proactively recruit for professionals, but don’t often have time or strategy to cultivate the most passionate people and often end up making rushed, reactive hires. Silvergate is the bridge between highly passionate professionals who want to build successful careers in the Northern Rockies and the exciting, high-growth companies that flourish here. We offer a full suite of specialized recruiting consulting services.


hiring process evaluations

Review and provide professional insight on your current hiring processes from recruiting to on-boarding a new employee.

staffing consultations

Consultations with HR and finance departments to help determine necessary roles, conduct a cost/benefit ratio analysis, and create a staffing plan and strategy to best align with growing your team.

strategic Recruiting planning

We work hard to learn your business so we can sell your business to the best-fit candidates. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your company to ensure we are providing not only a good professional fit, but a cultural fit as well.

job posting and performance analytics

We are social-media savvy and love data. We will distribute your job announcement through our network and report back to you regularly on what’s working.


We represent your business and are highly conscientious of bad hiring practices that could expose your company.


HR is becoming more data driven, and you should own your candidate data so you can better understand what factors make people succeed at your business. We will package up and provide any recruiting data from your search to your company.


We understand what it takes to make a competitive offer in this market and we will consult with you about what it will take to land the best professionals to lead your teams.


We believe hiring for senior positions should be proactive and not reactive. Therefore, once you are our client, we will work with you continuously to  provide you with information on highly talented professionals who would be a good fit for your company.


Because we are so passionate about where we live, this is our favorite part, and we go all out. Relocation is such a dry word, but we do everything we can to make your new hire feel comfortable and connected to their new community.


We guarantee our work and will uphold our commitment to provide you with the best-fit people to grow your business.