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While living in the mountains is what your heart longs for, the pace of city life doesn’t afford you the time to actively seek new and meaningful work.

That’s why we exist. We are constantly growing our network of business clients offering rewarding professional positions. The economy in the Northern Rockies is strong and growing, with new, innovative, and inspiring businesses expanding regularly. Our work is to connect with these companies, find key positions they need to fill with experts, and then we go out there and match the experts to the businesses.

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It’s a bit of a leap into the unknown. But that’s what we are here for. We are here to get to know you, learn what inspires you, and how you lead. We’ll take that information and do the heavy lifting for you, so we match you up with the right company, where you can add the most value. Finding your dream job and life might not happen overnight, but we’ll constantly be on the lookout for you.